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Bond Removing Pliers for Anterior Teeth (P-710) Bond Removing Pliers for Posterior Teeth (P-700) Distal End Safety Cutters Slim - Flush Cut Type, Long Handle (5503SFL)
Cutting Capacity :
Rectangular Wire up to .022" x .028"
Round Wire up to .020"
Braided Wire up to .016"
Metal Tip for P-700 (P-701) Metal Tip for P-710 (P-711) Peek Replacement Tip (9836)
1 bag contains 3pcs.
Pin & Ligature Cutters (6066LG) Utility Pliers (3076LG) Wrench (P-712)
Wrench (P-712)
Price: $2.00
Cutting Capacity : Ligature Wire up to .015"